6 Important Copper Sources to Consider

Copper is an essential mineral required by the body for bone and connective tissue production, and for coding specific enzymes that range in function from eliminating free radicals to producing melanin. A deficiency in copper can lead to osteoporosis, joint pain, lowered immunity, and since copper is essential for the absorption of iron, anemia.

Conversely, over-consumption of copper will lead to cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting in the short term, and can lead to depression, schizophrenia, hypertension, senility, and insomnia in the long term. Copper in large amounts can even be poisonous.

Here are 6 copper sources everyone should consider.

1. Oysters

Seafood is definitely one of the category food rich in copper! Some of these varieties are tuna, calamari (or squid), lobster, haddock, salmon, and sardines. Among all seafood, Oyster is the richest source of copper.

2. Liver

Meat apart from Proteins also has Copper in it. Meats like beef, pork, liver, turkey, and chicken contain Copper and can help get rid of copper deficiencies. In an animal, its liver is filled with many vitamins and minerals, including copper. Veal liver has the highest amount of copper in meat variants is considered high among the list of foods rich in copper.

3. Spirulina

Spirulina is a powdered food supplement made from cyanobacteria or blue-green algae.

Spirulina is extremely nutritious. A single tablespoon (7 grams) contains just 20 calories but packs 4 grams of protein, 25% of the RDI for vitamin B2 (riboflavin), 17% of the RDI for vitamin B1 (thiamine) and around 11% of the RDI for iron.

The same amount provides 44% of the RDI for copper.

Spirulina is often mixed with water to make a greenish beverage. However, if you don’t like its unusual taste, you can add it to stock, smoothies or cereal to disguise the flavor.

4. Eggs

Egg yolk contains a small amount of Copper in it as well. Even if you are not a meat lover but can digest Eggs, then it can help you here. This gives us one good reason to eat those yummy cakes!

5. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts have a load of goodness in them. Almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts, pistachios, pine nuts, hazelnuts and walnuts are the richest sources of Copper. Their usage in foods every day provides both Copper and Iron to our body. These nuts also contain good amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids which help in maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails.

6. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains higher amounts of cocoa solids — as well as less milk and sugar — than regular chocolate.

Dark chocolate boasts antioxidants, fiber and several nutrients.

For example, a 3.5-ounce (100-gram) bar of dark chocolate — with 70–85% cocoa solids — provides 11 grams of fiber, 98% of the RDI for manganese and 67% of the RDI for iron.

The same bar also packs a massive 200% of the RDI for copper.